Corporate culture

Corporate culture is the main asset of company. Unfortunately, this asset can’t be sought or created in short period, no matter how much money the company is ready to pay.

By definition, corporate culture is convictions of employees, values they share in relation to the company. Not all people are able to change their values, and some of them due to this reason are toxic for company’s culture.  Very important for corporate culture to check candidates in the process of hiring on their ability to accept corporate culture, and to have positive attitude to the company and people. Typically, young people are more adaptive, than older ones. What’s why corporations prefer to employ young, even less qualified personnel.

Corporate culture exists in any company or social group. It can be positive in relation to society, or negative. Some companies or groups cultivate anti-social views and convictions of members (employees), for example, commitment to crimes and corruption.

…. to be continued …